Manage and Align your Information System

To ensure IT alignment, strategic objectives (demanded by senior management, requested by the business or proposed by the CIO) must be translated into action plans and projects, prioritized for execution and monitored.

Flex is the backbone of the IT department. From identification to execution, track all your activities and resources. Ensure budget compliance and your ability to do both from a resources and from a skills point of view.

Integrate your practices into Flex or benefit from best practices and business rules that have been proven in other organizations.

Flex allows the CIO, together with his or her management teams and in collaboration with partners (Finance, HR, Purchasing) to simply enable proper steering of the information system and its strategic alignment.


With your unique and shared repository, control :

Strategic Alignment,
Project Kanban and Simulation

Regardless of the method used (e.g. the X-matrix which is Hoshin Kanri’s strategic steering tool), senior management will communicate the company’s Strategic Vision, what needs to be achieved in the year, the levers/action plans/teams to achieve the goal.

With Flex, the CIO can show the alignment of projects and spending with the priorities of the strategic plan.

With Flex, the CIO can simulate the impact and consequences of requesting new projects, stopping or postponing projects already approved. This is essential information when additional means need to be negotiated or when projects need to be prioritized by the Management Committee.

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Budget & Baseline

Good IS budget management is a business imperative, and the budget is a tool for effectively directing IS activities.

With Flex, you can take control of your budget, share it with your managers, and track execution against the budget.

Projects typically follow a specific approval cycle that refines the projected cost of the project. We call baselines the successive commitments made by the project team. With Flex you can continuously measure the progress of projects against their baselines and ensure that your projects are aligned with the budget, which in turn is aligned with the company’s strategy.

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Resource Optimization

With Flex, you can anticipate projects with forecasted planning by role and ensure that resources are available in your organization.

If there is a shortage or overflow of resources, you can look for help from outside or train internal resources to redirect them to an activity that is more in demand.

Optimizing the use of resources is essential to guarantee a reasonable occupation of your teams and to ensure the success of your projects. Indeed, the main causes of difficulties encountered on a project are related to resources.

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Competency Management

To ensure continuity of service and delivery of business-critical projects, the CIO must ensure that his or her organization has the right skills.

With Flex, build your Competency Matrix that allows you to manage operational risks related to competencies.

Resources and their skills are the responsibility of the CIO. Flex allows you to monitor the evolution of the IT department’s skills in relation to the resource requirements and to anticipate training/reconversions, recruitments or simply to prepare for departures.

External resources are managed in the same way as internal resources, and structural choices such as Make or Buy can be evaluated with full knowledge of the facts.

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Project Management

Project management is the foundation of the IT department’s job, yet many projects still overspend.

With Flex, give your teams the means to manage projects simply, by giving them the key elements without drowning them in a deluge of details that make them forget the essential.

Flex offers a monthly project progress report, with automatic updating of the time spent using time recording and automatic updating of the ROW (Remaining To Do) based on the forecast. This ensures that the progress report is accurate and that the Project Manager’s ROW planning is in line with his expectations.

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Easy access to data with FlexBI

Flex offers a large number of reports that can be used to monitor the activities of the IT teams. These reports can be exported in pdf, ppt or xls format for further analysis or integration into existing reporting.


Thanks to the integration of Flex and PowerBI, you can create your own dashboards and reports with full access to Flex data.

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