Features that meet your critical needs, simply

Define the order in which you deploy Flex and how fast.
Flex lets you take advantage of the benefits of each module without having deployed the others. Of course, as you deploy, you can take advantage of the benefits of module integration.

User management

Your teams are made up of internal resources and service providers. With Flex, you can manage all your resources in the same way, but with a clear distinction between service providers and internal staff. You can also integrate the resources of the business lines that contribute to the projects.
Let your purchasing department manage service provider contracts and HR manage hiring.
On your side, make the best use of the resources during their mission.

Capacity Management

Manage your portfolio of activities (projects or recurring activities) and select projects in alignment with the company strategy.
Flex shows you, in real time, if your Capacity is sufficient to complete your projects.
Flex allows you to simulate scenarios and test your assumptions to manage your resources.

Forecast management

With Flex, let your project (or maintenance) teams express their needs in terms of load and cost.
The data proposed by your teams can become baselines (or even be incorporated into the budget) and you will be able to compare the actual with the planned (baseline) and/or the budget.

Project Kanban

Follow the evolution of your projects in macro mode, according to their progress in the life cycle, with the Project

Flex keeps a baseline of commitments made at each stage of the life cycle.

You can schedule an ROI calculation step after some of your projects have been deployed, view projects awaiting ROI, and use a baseline to measure variances from planned/budgeted.

Master plan of projects

Visualize your projects graphically and synthetically in the form of a set of GANTT bars.
Follow the global progress of your projects, at a glance, in relation to your reference plan.


With Flex, track the staffing of your projects and resources.
Your project managers have a real-time view of the resources allocated to their projects.
Managers and CIOs have a complete view of their organization’s staffing and can control the occupancy rate of resources.

Time recording

With Flex, time entry has never been easier.
Whether it’s IT staff, service providers or even business contributors, everyone can enter time with the Flex timesheet.


Flex offers a large number of standard reports developed to meet the real needs of Flex users.
These reports can be exported to Excel, PowerPoint or Acrobat.
They can be used by Excel to perform more detailed analyses.
If you do not find the report with the data you need, we can develop a specific report to meet your particular needs.

Here is an example of a report that allows the CIO to monitor his OPEX and CAPEX expenses month by month.

And an example of a report that allows the CIO to follow, week by week, the time entry by his teams.

Business Intelligence

If you want to harness the full intelligence of Flex data and produce specific reports according to your methods, use FlexBI, which provides you with the entire Flex database and a first-class analysis tool.

With FlexBI you have full access to all Flex data and can create your own reports and analyses without limits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Flex manage the availability of resources?

Flex manages the actual availability of resources (half-time, 4/5ths, etc.), as well as periods of technical unemployment or temporary interruption. This availability is used to calculate the capacity of your teams.

Can I manage business resources?

Flex allows you to manage all resources (internal IT, service providers or internal business resources). It’s up to you to give the attributes that will define the resource in Flex: role, availability, cost, etc.

Is the forecast expressed in man*days or as a cost?

The forecast is expressed both as a cost and in man*days.
The financial part corresponding to the man*days is calculated automatically on the basis of different billing rates.
Of course it is also possible to integrate the purchases (hardware, software, packages, …) in the forecast.

Can anyone use FlexBI?

Only identified users can use FlexBI.
FlexBI is intended for experienced users (PMOs or data scientists with a good knowledge of PowerBI) who want to use the detailed data generated by the Flex application to produce detailed analyses.

Does Flex allow me to staff my teams?

Flex offers a staffing module that allows you to allocate resources to activities (projects or recurring). This allows you to have a global view of the allocation of all resources.

Is the resource Capacity dynamically adjusted?

Yes, the resource Capacity is directly linked to your resource pool. If a new resource (e.g. a developer) joins you part-time (say 50%), your Capacity for the role developers will be increased by 0.5 FTE (Full Time Equivalent).

Does the progress of projects take into account the time spent?

Yes, workload consumption is based on time entry.
Both to simplify the work of the Project Manager and to guarantee the accuracy of the reporting data.

Are the reports accessible to everyone?

The reports are accessible to all users, but the data displayed in the reports depends on the user’s profile and position in the organization (hence their access rights).

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