Improve your governance and management

Flex is a simple, complete and integrated solution that allows you, in line with your strategy, to put key IT management activities under control and thus improve your management and better meet certain governance requirements.

To achieve this, Flex offers you tools and mechanisms to :

  • communicate and make visible to all your up-to-date reference data (budget, project portfolio, resources, etc.),
  • monitor your activities in relation to the reference data,
  • simulate the impact of changes (new projects, overruns) before making decisions,
  • share this information with your partners in the company.

Flex offers your managers and their teams the means to be efficient, organized and to work in close collaboration with controlling, HR and purchasing.

Master the IT data repository, simply

Are your managers still using an Excel file with their own version of the project or resource list?

With Flex, common and important IT data is stored in one database, accessible to your teams.
There is only one project list, one reference budget, one resource list, … with controlled access. The CIO has access to all the information, the managers have access only to the data that concern them and the project managers only to the data of their project.

The data is updated in real time by those who have the rights. Everyone is always working with up-to-date data.

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Give a Common Tool and Simplify the Life of Your Teams

Flex makes your most important tasks easier:

Budget, Baselines: Budget is your commitment to your top management. Baselines represent the commitment of the team to the CIO.
Easily track and monitor project progress against commitments.

  • Project approval cycle: Control the flow of projects in and out by implementing a project approval cycle.
    Flex automatically captures the baseline for each phase transition.
  • Simulations: Already have a large number of projects in progress and are asked to do yet another urgent project? Before confirming the project, run simulations to ensure you have the resources you need and measure the consequences of launching the project.
  • Resource Staffing: Build your project team before the start by identifying available resources to build the best possible team for the success of the project.
  • Budget execution monitoring: ensure simple monitoring based on baseline data, time entry and the project forecast. This avoids re-keying information and gives you confidence in the data provided for tracking.
  • Resource occupancy: monitor the forecasted occupancy of your resources to ensure their proper use by avoiding resource overloads as well as underloads..
  • Competencies: Managing the organization’s competencies is one of the responsibilities of the CIO. With the competency matrix in Flex, it is possible to monitor the organization’s competencies, benchmark and fill gaps.
  • Need for specific reports: With FlexBI, which is the integration of PowerBI in Flex, you have the possibility to develop your own reports and analyses.

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Work with your Partners

In day-to-day management, the CIO and his managers interact with their partners: Sourcing for consultants, HR for employees, controlling for all aspects of budgets and costs.

The Flex solution is preconfigured with access rights for the CIO’s partners, so that they can access the CIO’s reference data.

This avoids multiple Excel files and facilitates communication and collaboration.


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Simple & Useful Solution for All

To have a 360° view on IT, all members of the IT department must contribute.

Employees and service providers of IT, but also business resources (if applicable), must enter their time, this information is essential to measure the consumption of the projects.

Flex simplifies time entry, allows for the import of vacation and other non-working time to be viewed graphically and allows users to view non-working time of their colleagues.

We encourage users to use the Flex solution by providing them with useful information for their daily work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My organization is complex, can Flex take care of it?

Flex was designed to meet the needs of a global company with operations on four continents. Flex is able to adapt to all your needs and will provide you with best practices.

Isn't Flex too complicated for my organization?

Flex is a robust and easy-to-use solution. It can be deployed on demand, so Flex features can be deployed one at a time depending on your priorities and the readiness of your teams.
You can decide not to deploy certain features yet without impacting the ones you use.

Does Flex allow me to manage real competencies?

Flex allows you to define the core competencies in your organization and to see where the gaps are, thanks to the competency matrix.
As Flex is an integrated solution you can even detect gaps when your resources take time off.

Will deploying Flex be a big and difficult project?

Flex is designed to allow for a phased deployment.
Define the order and speed of your Flex deployment based on your organization’s readiness.

Will Flex prevent me from handling my special cases?

The design philosophy of Flex is to never prevent a user from entering data. Flex is a robust solution that lets the user push the limits. For example, the user may decide to over-staff a resource, but at the same time Flex will report this over-staffing to the user. Flex adapts to users and constrains them as little as possible.

How easy is it for users to enter their time?

We’ve made it as easy as possible for users to enter their time because it’s essential information that is needed to track projects. Flex is not a black hole and it gives useful information to each user to encourage them to enter their time.

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