Manage your IT Organization simply with Flex-Services

Use Flex to control core IT processes

Manage your IT Organization

simply with Flex-Services

Developed for CIOs by experienced CIOs in charge of large and complex organizations, Flex is an effective and easy-to-use solution for all levels of management.

Break down silos by sharing your data with your partners:

  • Controlling
  • Purchasing
  • RH

Use Flex to control core IT processes

Put key IT processes under control,

with FlexServices features

Budget and Baseline


Resource Optimization




Break down silos

Budget and Baseline

Build and structure your budget with your teams.
Keep the baseline at key project milestones and use it to check progress.
With Flex, manage the activities of the Information Systems Organization, with your managers, in line with the budget and in comparison with your baselines.

Projects Kanban

Between the idea and the project, define the stages of formal validation.
Track the progress of projects on your Kanban.
At each of these stages Flex keeps the corresponding Baseline for you, for later use.

Resource Optimization

Optimize the use of your resources in a fast-paced environment.
Flex allows you to manage both internal and external resources and to have visibility on their availability.
Staff your projects accordingly, to give stability to your teams.

Project Progress

The progress of projects is integrated with time entry and forecast.
The information presented in the progress dashboard is linked to the project data.
No more unpleasant surprises and reduction of paper work for your project managers.


When a project is to be launched and several projects are in competition, simulating the options allows you to make an informed choice, by weighing the opportunities and risks.


Having the right skills is a necessity to guarantee the continuity of your customers’ applications, but also to stay in line with market developments, Cloud, AI, …
Flex allows you to build the Competency Matrix and identify operational risks.

Break down silos

With its unique and shared repository, you can be sure to manage your IT organization with a single solution:

  • Easy to use
  • Robust and flexible in its implementation
  • Functionally complete
Flex data can be accessed by your partners:
  • Controlling: for everything related to budget and progress
  • HR: for everything concerning employees
  • Purchasing: for everything concerning service providers (Daily rates, duration of contract, length of presence in the company, etc.)
The referential data are shared by all those who need to access it – it’s the end of local pseudo-referentials, the end of silos.

Numerous reports allow you to access Flex data, and the FlexBI option allows you to build your own analysis and dashboards with PowerBI.

Simple, useful, efficient

CIO of Pickup, the world’s largest network of local parcel relays, has been using FlexServices for more than 2 years and recommends it to all CIOs of large groups or ETIs who manage more than 100 projects or more than 100 developers…

Anh-Dao Mé-Mougamadou

CIO, Pickup

Accessible, Easy, Stable

Financial Manager of Pickup, believes that he has saved a lot of time and reliability thanks to FlexServices. Even better, he estimates that FlexServices has allowed him to optimize the IT budget by nearly 5% on the Resources budget…

Gaétan Truchot

Financial Manager, Pickup

Getting departments to communicate

IT Financial Controller at Fraikin, Tantely Andrianasolo-Randriana, says that Flex has created a small revolution in the way different departments communicate.
The better use of resources and better visibility of what has been achieved has allowed Fraikin to better position itself for future projects.
All this in a few months.

Tantely Andrianasolo-Randriana

IT Financial Controller, Fraikin

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Flex for?

Flex is designed for IT organizations with a few dozen to 1,000+ resources. For smaller IT departments, the need for a tool is.

Is the solution scalable?

Flex can be deployed partially or incrementally to avoid radical change in your organization. You can decide to deploy only those features that are useful to you right away.

What is the average implementation time?

We have already implemented Flex in 2 months, from the beginning of the project to the finalization of the repository and the time entry of all project teams.

Is the solution flexible?

Flex is designed to adapt to your organization and your management rules. The solution is customizable according to your needs.

Is there a charge for Flex training?

No. Flex training is part of the commercial offer. The training we offer is Train The Trainer style, we want you to be autonomous as quickly as possible.
In addition, we can help you implement proven best practices.

Does Flex require a subscription?

Flex is a SaaS solution that works on a subscription basis for a number of users.

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