With Flex, take advantage of a complete solution at a competitive price


A ready-to-use solution to manage your IT organization

Standard offer 20€ HT

per user / month


An integrated solution tailored to your business needs

Leverage Flex data
with advanced business intelligence capabilities

Standard Offer

User and resource management
Activity management and forecasting
Standard reports
Time management
Solution Configuration

Additional Modules
Staffing of resources
Progress monitoring
Budget management
Competency management
Business Intelligence

Advantages of Flex-Services

Flex is a simple and robust solution for managing your information system.
If you wish, we can assist you in implementing proven best practices.


Flex gives you a real-time view of how all your resources are being used.
Optimizing their use is finally possible.


Flex allows you to manage and share the budget repository with your teams and monitor budget execution (OPEX and CAPEX).


Flex allows you to manage all your activities (project or recurring) according to your life cycle and to measure their progress against references (budget and/or baseline).

Simple, useful, efficient

Anh-Dao Mé-Mougamadou, CIO of Pickup, the world's largest network of local parcel relays, has been using FlexServices for more than 2 years and recommends it to all CIOs of large groups or ETIs who manage more than 100 projects or more than 100 developers...

Anh-Dao Mé-Mougamadou

CIO, Pickup

Accessible, Easy, Stable

Gaétan Truchot, Financial Manager of Pickup, believes that he has saved a lot of time and reliability thanks to FlexServices. Even better, he estimates that FlexServices has allowed him to optimize the IT budget by nearly 5% on the Resources budget...

Gaétan Truchot

Financial Manager, Pickup

Getting departments to communicate

IT Financial Controller at Fraikin, Tantely Andrianasolo-Randriana, says that Flex has created a small revolution in the way different departments communicate.
The better use of resources and better visibility of what has been achieved has allowed Fraikin to better position itself for future projects.
All this in a few months.

Tantely Andrianasolo-Randriana

IT Financial Controller, Fraikin

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Flex and FlexBI?

Flex is the application that allows you to digitize the core processes of the IT department.
FlexBI is a business intelligence solution that gives you access to all Flex data.

Is the software multilingual?

Flex is available in English and French. Support for other languages will be added as needed.

How to subscribe?

Contact the support team to define your needs and the level of support you require. We will send you a commercial proposal.

Where are Flex data hosted?

Flex is hosted in Ireland on Microsoft AZURE. FlexBI data are hosted in France, on Microsoft AZURE.


Does the pricing depend on the user profile?

No, we have defined a single rate per user, regardless of their profile (Admin, Manager, Project Manager, …)

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